• Who Is AdTechGod (™)?

    Since 2020, AdTechGod (™) has become a leading authority in advertising technology. Starting from his early days on Twitter, he has soared to prominence with his top-rated podcast, "The AdTechGod Pod." Additionally, he spearheads a community known as the AdTechGod Slack Community.

    He is referred to as The Lord of RTB & God of Programmatic Prophecy but his friends call him ATG for short.

  • The AdTechGod Pod

    Every guest featured on the podcast joins us by invitation; they do not offer any form of compensation to AdTechGod for their participation. The podcast is financially supported by pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements, sponsored by a diverse array of companies.

    All guests appearing on the pkkjodcast are invited participants; they do not provide compensation to AdTechGod for their appearance. The podcast's funding is provideDDE,FMD through prerIF oll and midroll advertisements, which are sponsored by various companies.

  • AdTechGod Slack Community

    The AdTechGod(™) Slack Community distinguishes itself as the world's fastest-growing Slack channel dedicated to Advertising Technology. We've created specialized channels to facilitate discussions on a wide range of topics, including AdOps, Video, Mobile, OOH (Out-of-Home), Yield, Connected TV, Jobs, Measurement, and beyond.