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    AdtechGod's audience is composed of diverse professionals from the digital marketing, advertising, media and advertising technology sectors, spanning a range of roles from technical developers and data scientists to creative content creators and strategic marketing managers.


    This global audience includes individuals from major tech hubs worldwide. AdTechGods audience shares a deep interest in the latest advertising technologies, industry trends, and the future of advertising, alongside a strong focus on networking and career development within the advertising technology space.

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    Advertising, Marketing and Advertising Technology Audiences Across The Globe.


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    Explore advertising opportunities by connecting with AdTechGod. Our platform is not just about innovative marketing solutions; it's a community where ideas flourish, and partnerships thrive. Whether you're interested in sparking discussions on the AdtechGod Pod, engaging with peers through our exclusive Slack channels and slack channel sponsorships, or exploring event partnership possibilities, AdTechGod is your gateway to making it happen.


    AdTechGod Audience:

    AdTechGods audience encompasses professionals and enthusiasts within the advertising technology sector. This includes digital marketers, advertisers, publishers, media buyers, data analysts, and technology developers who are interested in the latest trends, tools, techniques, and strategies in advertising technology. They are often looking for insights on programmatic advertising, data management platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, advertising analytics, and emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning applications in advertising.


    The audience also include business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to leverage advertising technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts, increase ROI, and better understand their target audience through data analysis.


    AdTechGod Pod

    Dive into the world of advertising technology by advertising on the AdTechGod Podcast. Preroll and midroll audio advertising is available.


    Benefits of Advertising on the AdtechGod Pod: Preroll and midroll podcast ads leverage high listener engagement and targeted reach, offering advertisers flexible formats and storytelling opportunities that can enhance recall and conversion rates.


    AdTechGod Slack Community

    Join our vibrant Slack community, a hub for advertising technology professionals to connect, share knowledge, and discover collaborative opportunities in real-time.


    Benefits of Advertising on the AdTechGod Slack Community: Sponsoring a channel within the AdtechGod Slack Community provides a unique opportunity for targeted engagement with a niche audience, enabling direct and impactful communication with advertising technology, media and marketing professionals.


    Event Partnerships

    Elevate your brand by partnering with us for events. Gain exposure, network with industry influencers, and showcase your solutions to a targeted audience.


    AdTechGod is committed to fostering a dynamic ecosystem for advertisers, marketers, and technology enthusiasts.

  • Advertising Opportunities

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    AdTechGod Pod

    Advertise on the AdTechGod Pod with Preroll and Midroll Audio Ads.



    • One month commitment minimum.
    • 15 - 30 Second Preroll or Midroll audio advertisement.
    • 4 total episodes per month
    • Payment due upon receipt.
    • Advertisement clearly stated as "Commercial Message"


    General Inquiries

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    Partner with AdTechGod

    If you are interested in partnering with AdTechGod contact us and we will respond within 72 hours.



    • Content creative services.
    • Advertising services and consultations.
    • Video services.
    • Memes as a service.
    • Event partnerships.





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    AdTechGod Slack Community

    Sponsor a Channel on the AdTechGod Slack Community.



    • Annual commitment minimum.
    • Slack Channel renamed to: Topic-by-Company.
    • 700-800 members added to channel.
    • Social media and slack announcement of sponsorship.
    • Payment due upon receipt.
    • Channel clearly labeled as "Sponsored"


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